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Up coming Stories/Things I’m working on

I have a teaser page, which has some of these on there with their coverart, but since I don’t have all the coverart done for these stories I decided to post this as a sort of preview to the teaser page. If that makes any sense. Mainly I just realized that I had this posted on my FF.net profile but not here, so here it is.

If it’s in Bold that means that it’s got at least one chapter written already which makes it more of a un-posted WIP than a vague idea of a story I want to do someday.

Back to You – Haven (Audrey/Duke) AU of what could have happened after the barn was destroyed

Black Sheep – Mercy Thompson book series (Mercy/Stefan) AU of what could have happened if Bran had refused to help Mercy when she was a child

Lunar Destiny – Angel (Next in the Destiny Series follows Angel’s Destiny)

Bloody Love – Buffy (Buffy/Spike) AU Vamp!Buffy

Buffy Decides to Die – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spike/Buffy) sort of based on Veronika Decides to Die but with a spuffy twist

Whatever it Takes – The Client List (Riley/Greg Carlyle) Riley makes a deal with Carlyle, and then another, and another…

Back to the Start – Teen Wolf (Stiles/Derek) Time travel-ish

By Any Other Name – Person of Interest (Gen) Mainly focuses on the machine and everyone else having to react to its choices

Dragons Den – Merlin (Merlin/Arthur) Drug User! Merlin/ High Powered Arthur

For Your Entertainment – True Blood (Sookie/Eric) Stripper Sookie

Sins of the Flesh – True Blood (Eric/Sookie) Sookie is a donor at a vampire hotel

Sweeten the Pot – True Blood (Eric/Sookie) AU where Sookie grew up in Fairie

Long Road Home – True Blood (Next in the Daina Stackhouse series follows What about Now) Road trip! Road Trip!

Heart of the Past – Vampire Diaries (Klaus/Caroline) Time Travel Caroline goes back in time

From the end to the beginning again – Vampire Diaries (Multi-Pairing) Time Travel

Second Chance – Vampire Diaries (Multi-Pairing) Wish changes the past

To Tell you the Truth – Vampire Diaries (Klaus/Caroline) Damon tells Enzo the story of Klaus and Caroline to help him get over his little crush

If Things Were Different – Gilmore Girls (Rory/Tristan) Rory meets Tristan before she meets Dean

Mine – Elementary (Sherlock/Joan) AU where Joan is a sober companion of a different sort (Epic length)

New In Town – Lost Girl (Kenzi/Vex, Dyson/Bo/Lauren) Bo and Kenzi come to town together instead of meeting in the pilot

What Might Have Been – Lost Girl (Kenzi/Lochlan, Bo/Dyson) Kenzi meets Lochlan instead of Bo as her first Fae encounter

The Core Job – Firefly (Gen) Simon hires the crew to help him recover his sister

To War but Wait – Merlin (Next in the Haven Series follows Forever Lost) Title may change later

Whispers in the Dark – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Skye/Ward)

Consequences of Choice – Once Upon a Time (Henry/Lydia) (Next in the Consequences Series follows Consequences of Reason)

Love in the Time of Life – Hannibal (Hannibal/Will) Will and Hannibal have a very long history together.

Chances Given in Darkness – Joan of Arcadia (Joan/Ramsey) What if Joan started dating Ramsey earlier and for longer.

I also have several Episode/Movie watch fics that I’m kind of working on (on and off whenever the mood strikes) that I won’t even start to post until they’re either finished or if it’s a currently running show/movie franchise it gets caught up to canon. I have them for the following fandoms : Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Lost Girl, Merlin, Queer as Folk, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, the Marvel Verse.

My Marvel Verse fics will include all movies, and the shows Agents of SHIELD and the Agent Carter mini-series.

I know that some of these have been done before, but my problem with most of the ones I’ve found the read (not that they’re not amazing because they totally are and I even have some of them saved in my faves) they usually have the main characters watching after the fact, people who already know exactly what’s going on so they aren’t really surprised by most of the twists and turns. In fact most of them have the characters giving out warnings about up coming events to the few characters that didn’t already know the outcome or confirming suspicions one way or the other when they guess at what’s about to happen. What my fics will have will be non-main characters (or main characters before the pilot episodes) being more like an audience, they’ll be guessing (wrongly) and surprised just like I was when I first watched.

So I decided to also give a little preview of who will be watching what, if you care to know (which since they aren’t even posted yet and probably won’t be for a while you likely don’t but here it goes anyway just because I can).

Teen wolf – This one will take place before the Hale fire and will be shown mystically to Talia Hale, John Stilinski, Melissa McCall and Chris Argent (The Parents cue ominous music). I might have Deaton there to mediate, that’s still up the air I can take him or leave him at this point.

True Blood – This one will be shown to Eric, Godric, and Pam with maybe a few others (but most likely just them) most likely in the 1920’s. Just because I like that era and it’s far enough into the past from the pilot that they’ll have plenty of time to come up with a game plan before the events start to unfold.

Lost Girl – This one will be shown to Trick, Dyson, Hale, The Ash (The one from season one), Vex, and the Morrigan before the pilot episode.

Vampire Diaries – This one will be shown to the Originals (Rebekah, Klaus, Elijah (maybe Kol)) after they leave for New Orleans on the premise of helping them to understand some of the TVD characters and their reactions to things a bit better.

Supernatural – This one will be shown to John, Ellen and Bobby with maybe one other surprise guest before the pilot episode.

Merlin – This one will be shown to Arthur, Leon, Gaius, Morgana, Gwen, Gwaine, and Lancelot before the pilot episode.

Queer as folk – This one will be shown to Debbie, Michael, Lindsey, Melanie, Emmett, and Ted. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be before the pilot or after the finale.

Marvel verse – This one will be shown to the avengers after the battle of New York as both a bit of a history lesson about each other so they understand each other better and as a peak into what’s to come (i.e. SHIELD and the later movies). At the moment it’s planned out as an estimated 18 story series that will cover everything up to the end of SHIELD season 2 and Avengers Age of Ultron. I don’t know if I’ll end it there or what, at the moment I’m just focused on getting that far.

As you can see most of these are set before the shows or before at least part of them, to leave room for sequels where they take their new found knowledge and do something to change what comes next. That was another thing that I sort of hated about those fics I read, they just stopped once the episodes/movies were all done there was never any follow up. Usually not even an epilogue.

On Twisting the Hellmouth under the name Darknessfalls, and on here, but not on FF.net

Crossovers In Progress but not yet posted

Brother Mine – Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Gen?) Xander is Richards Brother Challenge answer

Key to my Heart – Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Asher/Dawn)

Mother May I – Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Undecided Pairings) Drusilla/Oz/Xander- Centric (The three are their own triumvirate)

The Wicked Dawning – Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Wicked/Dawn/Truth) Not a love triangle more of a different kind of relationship.

Dawn of a New Day – House/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (House/Dawn)

Hotter than the flames – Criminal Minds/Teen Wolf (Sterek) When the BAU gets called in to investigate a string of deaths they find it hard to pin down what kind of pack they’re looking for.

Fighting Glory – Btvs/Smallville – What if Buffy and the gang heard rumors about someone who was strong enough to take on Glory.

Stories that don’t yet have titles

NCIS/Teen Wolf – (Pairings Undecided) When the Beacon Hills pack is brought into interrogation the FBI reaches out to their Naval friends for some help with the interrogations.

True Blood/Straw Dogs – (Pairings Undecided) All I know about this one is that I want to bring Alexander Skarsgards character from Straw Dogs to Bon Temp. That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the planning stages.

Firefly/Pitch Black – (River/Riddick) I read Firefly in the Pitchblack and this ship would not leave me head. Haven’t worked out exactly what to do yet, only that I will be doing something with these two.

Criminal Minds/BtVS – (Pairing undecided) Buffy as an unsub, most likely post Chosen.

Teen Wolf/Avengers – Lydia is Peppers Niece

Anita Blake/Vampire Diaries – Klaroline-centric, how would the St. Louis gang deal with Klaus? The idea won’t go away.

SHIELD/Vampire Diaries – Caroline-centric, When Caroline decides to start a life outside of Mystic Falls she picks New York as he new home. How will she manage to keep her present separate from her past. Is that even possible?

American Horror Story/Supernatural – I want to see the boys investigating Murder House from season 1

True Blood/Vampire Diaries – How would the vampires of TB react to Klaus. That is a central idea for me putting Klaus in other vampire fandoms to shake things up a bit.

Bones/Imitation Game – when I watched the imitation game I kept having this thought that he and Bones had to be related in some way. That’s where this comes from. Haven’t worked out the story line yet, but it’s there.

Buffy/Vampire Diaries – Klaus again.

Joan of Arcadia/Supernatural – Castiel spent so much time looking for God, what if God sent a messenger to him.

This is why my updating is so hit or miss, I may be writing up a storm for days but it won’t be on anything that I’m posting yet. To avoid that I’ve gotten to a point where from now on I won’t post anything until it’s either finished or I have nothing else to post (i.e. all my other stories are done) not that I see the second option as an actual option, but you never know. The current plan is to finish all but the epic length fics I’ve already got going before I start posting other stuff unless I get another fic done before then…

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