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One More Night NEW Chapter

one more night

Chapter 8 – Falling Through

Word Count – 1,580

Chapter Summary – The aftermath of Mickey’s new job….

Forever Yours New Chapter

Forever yours

Chapter 5 – First Step, Last Chance

Word Count – 2,083

Chapter Summary – Stiles and Derek go on their “first” date while the pack tries to find a way out of this mess.

The Cutting Room Floor New Chapter

Cutting Room Floor


Chapter 3 – Vampire Disney

word count – 1,734

chapter Summary – What would happen during Sookie’s first visit to Fangtasia if Daina came along for the ride? Here’s an option.

Angel’s Destiny Final Chapter

Angel's Destiny

Chapter 10 – Epilogue

Word Count – 627

Chapter Summary – Where does this leave us now?

Progress Update


The next and final chapter of Angel’s Destiny is being edited as we speak (type), and will most likely be posted tomorrow.

A new chapter for my Daina Deleted Scenes in the What About Now Series is over halfway done and should be ready for posting by Sunday, Monday at the latest.

Someone to talk to has been turned back into a one-shot until I have the time and ability to plot out a murder again, losing the outline made me forget why some of my foreshadowing was even there which is never a good thing for a murder mystery type story.

Next week I’ll be alternating working on Soulless (6 chapters left), Life Plans (7 chapters left), and Dog Days (5 chapter left) until they’re all complete. Well that’s the plan anyway.

Angel’s Destiny Update

Angel's Destiny

Chapter 9 – Life and Death

Word Count – 1,523

Chapter Summary – Destiny and her brother clash once more but someone is playing for keeps….

Back at It!!!


Sorry! So sorry it’s been so long. First I had to fix the story meltdown, which took longer than I thought it would. Then the Holidays took over and I didn’t think I’d survive it. Then I got the Flu and a bad ear infection in both ears that completely robbed me of my hearing for nearly a month. I am literally only now getting to a point where looking at my computer screen doesn’t make me want to vomit. Now that I’m back though I am hard at work believe me. I hope to have some updates for you by the end of the week Monday at the latest. Hope some of you are still hanging around and haven’t abandoned me completely.

Story Meltdown


All of my story files have somehow gotten corrupted, for some of them that just means that things got shuffled around and the pictures for one story are somehow sprinkled in with the chapters for another, but for others the whole file is just gone. So I am putting everything on Hiatus until the first of September, by then I should be able to untangle this mess and re-write the upcoming chapters for my in progress fics that have vanished. Wish me luck!

Life Plans Update

Life Plans

Chapter 2 – Back to Reality

Word Count – 3,924

Chapter Summary – Now that everyone is where they belong the demands of everyday life rear their head…..

Angel’s Destiny Update

Angel's Destiny

Chapter 8 – Experiencing Life

Word Count – 1,439

Chapter Summary –┬áLife goes on after the confrontations of the night end…


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