Progress Update

So I have some things I’ve been working on and I should start posting again on the first of August.

I have been working on a few of my projects trying to get things all caught up to where I want them to be. By the first when I start posting I should have several one-shots to post for several fandoms including Smallville and Spacedogs.

The final three (3) chapters for Life Plans should be done and being edited for posting by then so that story can be marked as complete. I will go ahead and say here that I won’t be continuing for the series for a while since I have other stories I want to get to first.

Cutting Room Floor is coming to an end with two (2) more chapters to give it an even ten (10) before marking it complete. I have done all the scenes I want to do for it and I will be continuing the series after I post the last chapter for this fic.

Speaking of continuing the series the outline for the next story in the Diana Stackhouse series titled Southern Comfort is nearly complete. This one will deal with the second half of season 2 for True Blood bringing in the Maenad and going from there. The first half of the fic will deal with Maryann and the second half will be all about the Stackhouse clan getting their acts together a bit more and Jason understanding what it means to have someone else living with him after so long alone.

Beyond that I will have the next chapter for My Lady, My Lord ready to post as well it is nearly done except for a Ned POV portion at the end.

Progress Update

Just a quick little update.

So June is a busy month for me always has been and always will be. So instead of stressing myself out trying to find time to work on one story or another or waking up ridiculously early to post I will be working on things in chunks and posting in July.

Progress Update

So the results of writing all weekend were positive. I did finish a few things I set out to finish, then I completely forgot to post them because I got distracted.

I started watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ and I got consumed by it. I finished both seasons and am now a devout shipper of Keely/Roy and I can’t believe they left it the way they did at the end of season 2.

I also watched the new Ricky Gervais special Super Nature on Netflix (didn’t like it as well as I did Humanity, but it was fine).

Then I decided I should finish Shmigadoon also on Apple TV+ since it’s only 6 episodes and I was on episode 5. I loved the concept and the characters (love Keegan-Michael Key) so I wanted to see how it ends.

Turns out I was in a watch not write mood and I tend to follow my moods. So I do have things to post, once they’ve gone through a round of editing but I can’t give a solid time line. I am starting Derry Girls on Netflix next, just as a look at where my head space is.